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Book Review: Brilliantly Smart Tips

I should be honest and tell you that Jeremy’s brother Eric is the author (if we can even call him that) of the book I am going to share with you today. And yeah, so maybe if you buy it through any links on my blog, I’ll make a few meager pennies from the sales. But keeping with this whole honesty theme we’ve got going on… This book is the right kind of crazy and absurd. It’s smart (dare I say, brilliant?), fun to read, and charmingly illustrated.

I’ve been really lazy about reading Eric’s book, Brilliantly Smart Tips. See, I’ve had an original, unfinished copy of this book for months now and just hadn’t bothered to read it – despite Jeremy’s nagging that I needed to read it because it was “So awesome and funny”. Not that I didn’t believe him… I just… I dunno. Lazy? Procrastination? Well now that Eric’s book is officially official and we spent $10 to own it, I knew it was time to do my girlfriendly duties to this family – read it, review it, and convince you to buy it.

Eric Kinsey, Author of Brilliantly Smart

Meet The Author

First, I want to introduce you to the author of Brilliantly Smart Tips (for every day life), Eric Kinsey. Here’s the part where I was going to introduce him in a cool way with keyword rich phrases like “Zelda Enthusiast”, “New Author”, and the like… but I ran out of ideas.

So I asked Jeremy, loving younger brother that he is, for some words to best describe Eric so that you can get a picture of who he is.

Jeremy: Fat.
Kimi: Jeremy! That’s NOT nice!
Jeremy: What? It’s usually the word people choose…
Kimi: We’re trying to sell a book here Jeremy. Don’t you want your brothers to do well?
Jeremy: …
Kimi: Fine. Whatever. You’re no help.


So About That Book…

Brilliantly Smart Tips by Eric Kinsey

There’s so much going on with this 134 page (and some change) book that I don’t really even know where to start. Ah wait… we’ll just steal the description straight from Eric. I mean, it’s his book so I assume he knows what it’s about. Maybe? Probably not.

Join Eric as he walks you through some of the most important and useful information you have ever had the opportunity to rest your squishy little ocular orifices upon. A book that is so easy to read it consist completely of words and pictures, numbers as well (page numbers)….and no shortage of ellipses.

Eric’s advice accompanied by Bryan’s incredibly artistically amazing drawings will leave you feeling like you just flipped your pillow and it’s raining outside and the cat is purring, it’s peaceful, you are happy….rose petals? and life is beautiful it’s a sunny happy day, or possibly cooler laid back evening, whichever you find to be more comforting, either way it’s totally still raining. Fun and easy to read for the whole family, except for your uncle……he knows what he did.

Oh. So I guess we gotta talk about Jeremy’s older brother Bryan too, huh? Pfft. No one wants to hear about him. Oh… I’m being told that apparently I have to talk about him because, well… he’s kind of a contributor to the book. Fine!


Meet The Illustrator

This is Bryan Saxon. Don’t let that last name fool you. He’s definitely blood… and blood is thicker than water, just not as thirst quenching (buy the book and I swear you’ll find that hilarious).

Bryan is responsible for the pictures in the book. Ya know, because that’s what the word illustrator means. His work is Picasso good. Pistachios. Something. I swear, you’ll get that joke if you just buy the book.




Back to the Book…

BSZombieMartEric teaches you the importance of not eating Zombie meat (a personal favorite of mine… the tip, not the meat*), adopting Orphans, having good comebacks, and family. That’s right… not only is this book educational and valuable to your every day life, it’s also touching… borderline charitable. You’re practically donating money to charity by buying this book. I bet you can even write it off on your taxes.**

In all seriousness, this book and it’s 50-odd tips (oh sorry, spoilers!) will have you on the edge of your toilet seat. You’ll be dieing to know what wisdom Eric will bestow upon you next.

Need to get out of work so you have more time to read this book? No problem. Tip #2 covers that exact topic, leaving you the entire day to relax, fart (just not in front of girls… because they don’t find that funny), and learn from the best. You’re practically educating yourself here. FAFSA will probably reimburse you for this book.***

Conclusion? + GIVEAWAY!

Okay for real. I greatly enjoyed the book and I’m not just saying that because the boys are family. If you enjoy the kind of humor with which this post was written, you will LOVE the book. It’s not a terribly long or difficult read and it would make a fun housewarming or Christmas gift.

If you are too cheap to spend $10 on what’s probably the best piece of literature you’ll read all year, I’ve made it my solemn duty to do my part in passing on this book to as many people as I can. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to send it to everyone (and then none of us would ever make any money off of this nonsense) so I can only give one book away!

Yup. U.S. residents can enter below in hopes of winning their very own, paperback copy of Brilliantly Smart Tips by Eric Kinsey. It’s a good day to be you. Giveaway form below the awesome picture…

50 Brilliantly Smart Tips for Everyday Life

Brilliantly Smart Book Giveaway

*#SorryNotSorry for the accidental double entendre.
**Please don’t try to write this book off on your taxes. I mean, unless you want to get audited.
***FAFSA will not reimburse you. I know, I’m as sad as you are about this.


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