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I can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 weeks since I posted. Usually, this would mean I’m being lazy… but this time, it’s exactly the opposite. See, I got a new job recently working as a Sales Associate at an Adult store. It’s my first structured job in about 6 years. Naturally, this means sacrificing some of my online social interaction – I just didn’t realize I’d have no time for it at all. It’s worth it… I think. The week prior to my first day of work was intense.

I went to Firehouse Subs for the very first time with my roomie and his girlfriend (thanks y’all, for letting me use your awesome picture). We had a BLAST and went all out – rocking the little plastic fireman hats clearly meant for children. We wore them while we ate and everyone kept staring at us… probably because they were jealous that they didn’t think of it first. Pfft. Losers. Or maybe they were staring because we were having a little too much fun with the drink machine. I couldn’t help it! I’ve never seen a touch screen drink machine before – with so many options! Every drink has several flavors available and it was quite impressive.

I was so busy with the boyfriend’s birthday surprise that I had time for little else. I wanted to make this extravagant birthday cake – complete with fondant. I went through a lot of trouble to buy the fondant, get the shipping expedited and ended up playing fetch with UPS. The cake was a complete disaster. I wanted to make a cute, little wizard on top of it and it all seemed so simple in my head. I’d have probably managed eventually, but time was such a factor. The boyfriend was coming over the Monday night I was making the cake and I needed to hurry up with the cake and get my butt home. Eventually, the cake had to just sort of do. He loved it. It was delicious. It was still a very sad cake.

Tuesday morning, we went to “the porn store” (ya know… where I work lol) and played with vibrators, big fake jiggly asses and stuff. Then we went to The Green Dragon – it’s mostly a comic book / freaking nerd emporium. I got to excited about a Doctor Who book and had a cataplectic episode in the store. haha Then we wandered around the mall for a while slurping triple berry Julius. We couldn’t decide on where to eat a nice dinner out, so instead we simply grabbed Wendy’s, came home and I had a nap before cooking the birthday dinner I’d planned for him. We slept in Wednesday until finally he had to leave to go do laundry and other stuff. We both had work Thursday… my first real day of work.

The first day was fun, but it was really brutal on my feet. I stand for 8 hours and it’s rough when you’re used to sitting around all day while you work. I think I’ve picked up on things pretty well in my first week. The product knowledge is the hardest for me right now because there’s such a large collection of… well… everything! The other employees have been really nice thus far and I think I’m going to fit in just fine in time.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early on just my 3rd day of work. I left about an hour early because I could barely talk. My immune system has been babied for years so between over-exertion, sleeping less than my usual, being around far more germs than usual and talking so much, I quickly over did it. I had a feeling this would happen, which is why I only wanted to work part time hours to start with – to ease my way into this. Now I’m finding I need to talk to my boss about some schedule adjustments. I barely have time to get home, cook and eat dinner before I need to get in bed. And getting in bed doesn’t mean I actually get to sleep. My feet don’t hurt at night like they did at first, but they still tingle and constantly wake me. I’m just not getting enough sleep… period.

So yeah. Busy week. I’m even behind on my own damn blogging challenge – not to mention Doctor Who news of any kind. I’m lucky I even have a clue what’s going on with the premiere. Geez. Get it together Kimi!

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