Cut. Colored. Collared.


Early on in our relationship, I established what I will call “hair boundaries” with my boyfriend. You see, he’s a hairdresser and he is as particular about my hair as I am. Problem is, I wanted one thing and he refused to give it to me. Thus, I established the boundary: I won’t say anything about him growing his hair out and he won’t pitch a fuss when I pay someone else to cut my hair the way I tell them to.

I was avoiding a fight. It seemed logical. But then something happened. He agreed to a different hair cut, plus color. I put my hair in his hands and let him cut it yesterday. It was one of the better decisions I have made involving my appearance. Seriously. I had no idea he could make me look this good if I just put a little more trust in him. I’ve had a few very good hair cuts in my lifetime – the kind that make you feel amazing and you don’t end up feeling like you got just out of necessity. This tops them – and I’m not just saying that because he’s my boyfriend.

I’ve been really interested in pastel hair lately. The trend came about after The Hunger Games became popular. Pastel hair was very common in the book and movie and Effie Trinket became the ultimate fashionista to copy. And why shouldn’t you? It’s GORGEOUS. Problem is, I’m pretty pale and I knew a full head of pastel hair wasn’t going to look good on me. I started looking for alternatives and found in one picture both a cut and color I loved. “Oh hell yes” was the response from my boyfriend upon showing it to him, so we made plans to cut my hair as seen in the image and to color it. Here are the results…

How adorable is that!? Right now, it looks like I just have a bunch of blue in my hair, but it’s actually blue, purple and teal. When the sun hits it, you can clearly see the different colors. It’ll be a few washes before it starts becoming more obvious. As the color fades, they’ll become pastel – my hair is bleached beneath the color. I look like a hot goth girl. I love it. It’s cute, easy to style, impossible to get wrong and it’s sexy! It’s really weird having bangs again. I haven’t had bangs since I was a teenager. Perhaps that’s why I feel like this cut makes me look younger again. Hmm.

Want to see more of my boyfriend’s work? Check out the website I made him for his birthday which includes a gallery featuring mine and other fabulous hair cuts and colors done by him as well as some awesome wigs and cosplay stuff.


My birthday present arrived last week and naturally, he just couldn’t keep it to himself. As soon as a picture was available, he was wanting to show me. He had a collar custom made for me by a company he was introduced to during his trip to Otakon. It’s called KittyMaille, and they make chainmaille bracelets, chokers, etc. When one of the designers made a collar for their cat with a bell, he knew I needed one.

Yes, I was ridiculously excited and nervous. He’s never bought jewelry for anyone before and I consider this kind of a big deal – maybe not as big of a deal as some people are thinking, but it means a lot to me. I LOVE it. It has a cute wittle bell on it! – which surprisingly isn’t as jingly nor obnoxious like I thought it would be. It is however, kind of tight. I wish it were maybe an inch bigger. I really thought when I measured my neck, that I’d provided myself with more room than this. Oh well. Once I lose some more weight, it won’t be as snug.

Yes, we are aware that we’re that couple. As it was put, now I look like I’m his girlfriend. All references to the Wonder Twins will get you castrated.

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