Quitting a Job: When and How To Give a 2 Week Notice

    This topic has come up quite a few times for me in the last few weeks – Several of my friends are looking to quit their jobs in order to take on more profitable roles elsewhere. The question is: When do you tell your current employer that you are taking up employment elsewhere?

    Most people are aware of the courtesy “2 week notice”. It’s a widely accepted practice that if you are quitting a job, you give your employer at least 2 weeks in which you remain on the work schedule while they attempt to hire someone to replace you and/or find a way to rework the schedule so that your shift is covered by someone else. However, the question remains: When do you tell them?

    Personally, I believe that no matter how much you care about a business or your employer, you have to look after yourself first. It’s just common sense to me that you do not tell your current employer that you are taking on a different job until you actually have the job. I’ve seen too many scenarios where someone made the mistake of disturbing the waters, announcing their intent to take on a different job only to find out that they haven’t gotten the new position after all. It’s awkward and it creates a tension between yourself and management. In fact, it can create a toxic work environment.

    Take this scenario as an example…

    Jane has made it to her second interview at a great new restaurant in town. She’s feeling confident that she has the job. She really likes the restaurant she works at now – her bosses are nice and her coworkers are great. Her problem is that she isn’t getting the hours that will work best with her school schedule and this new place is much closer to home. Since she cares so much about this place she’s currently working at, she decides to tell everyone including management that she has a second interview elsewhere and is likely leaving to go work there.

    Jane goes to her second interview and is confident that things have gone well. She’s “sure” that she got the job although it hasn’t yet been confirmed. Excited, she assures her current employer that she’ll be leaving and gives her official 2 weeks notice.

    Her boss has established a friendly relationship with her and she’s feeling a little slighted and maybe taking the loss of this employee a little more personally than she should. She very suddenly cuts back the hours of Jane immediately figuring there’s no sense in scheduling someone who is leaving to work elsewhere anyways. Taking Jane off of the schedule now before she can quit makes it easier for management to handle filling in the schedule with other employees later.

    Jane gets a phone call a week later and finds out that another applicant has filled the position and that she has no new job after all. She’s already put in notice that she’s leaving and her hours have been given away to various employees in order to prepare for her departure. Mortified, she has to go tell her boss that she hasn’t gotten the new job and that she’ll need her hours back.

    While Jane had the best intentions at heart, she’s created a bad work environment for herself. Her boss has lost a little bit of faith in her as an employee and now knows that it’s only a matter of time before Jane leaves when she finds another job. It makes it difficult for her employer to care about her in the same way. Is that fair at a business level? No, not really. But humans are flawed and such is life.

    Jane could have avoided all of the drama and stress by keeping her intentions to herself – waiting until it was confirmed that she had a new job and a start date lined up before telling her current employer.

    Of course, that example isn’t perfect and sometimes managers aren’t very good at conducting business. I have personally heard of employees being completely cut from the schedule granting them a “2 week, un-paid vacation” or in some cases, employees being fired before they could quit.

    If you are seeking employment elsewhere, here are a few tips and ideas for making the transition smoother for both you, your current and soon to be employers.

    • Give a two week notice only once you are sure you have a new job lined up.
    • Before giving your official resignation letter, talk things out with your boss and explain the whats and the whys. It’ll be more readily accepted if it doesn’t feel like it’s being sprung on them.
    • When asked when you can officially start your new job, request a date 2 weeks in the future and explain to your new employer that you wish to do the respectful thing by giving a 2 week notice. Trust that they will be okay with this and that you will earn some big respect points.
    • Once you have given your notice, do anything you can to make your leaving a little easier on your bosses – especially if you work for a very small company where there aren’t a lot of other employees to pick up on your slack.
    • Know a friend who is looking for a job? Help them and your old employment out by getting them together. Pay it forward!
    • If you should need to start working at the new job as soon as possible, continue working at your old job if you can. It’ll be extra work for a couple of weeks, but it’ll mean a little extra money in your pocket and you’ll feel good in the end that you did the best for everyone.
    • Don’t slack off during your last two weeks. I know it’s super tempting, but remember that this person gave you a job when you needed one and provided the stepping stone to better things. Also remember that this person may be called upon later as a reference. You need them.
    • Give your fellow co-workers a heads up – especially if you’ve been working with the same people for years. Maybe you aren’t friends outside of your cubical, but you’ve established a relationship with people worth respecting. And besides… you may need to call on them later for references also.

    Have you ever quit a job? How did it go? Got any tips for others? Share in the comments because I’d love to hear them!

    Love, Kimi

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    10 Things I Want

    Hanging out over at Because of Jackie, I come across a post asking for 10 things I want for myself. Not things I want for others. Not dates with my boyfriend. Legitimate things that I want just for me.

    Oh sure… Make a list of 10 Things that you want for yourself? I can do this. This will be so easy because I want a lot of things! And then you realize that some of your “things” sound stupid, superficial or something completely out of your reach and it makes your list sound like it sucks. But that’s okay… it’s MY list.

    1. I want to lose weight. I will never be skinny and I’m okay with that. But I want to lose enough weight to be more healthy, active and happy.
    2. To build another successful business. I was never happier in my life than when I was working for myself and bringing joy to others with all of my talents combined.
    3. Purchase a home of my very own. No renting. No sub leasing. 100% completely and totally mine to decorate, love and make memories in.
    4. Find the time and energy to do a lot of volunteer work or at least find some way to pay forward all of the things that have been done by others to get me this far.
    5. I want to live in England for a year. I have jokingly suggested many times that I am British at heart. The week spent there as a child could never have been enough. I need a year so I can see and do it all from bangers & mash to Doctor Who.
    6. I need to go home to Colorado. I don’t think I will ever be fully satisfied living anywhere else long-term until I have lived in Colorado as an adult.
    7. I want to start seeing a therapist. I have a lot of issues that I have buried so deeply that I don’t even realize they are a problem… until they are.
    8. Go back to college. I have tried going twice without success because my parents forced me into it too young and long before I had a clue what I wanted to do with my life. I’m pushing 29, I finally know and even that is a little fuzzy.
    9. Learn to ride a bike. Seriously. I really can’t do this and I’m actually kind of terrified of them.
    10. Last but not least… Be happy. I want to be happy in everything I do. I want to live life, make choices, be happy with them. I’m actually getting really excited for my 30′s!
    Love, Kimi

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    Wednesday Wrap Up: I Fail at Money and at Life

    Hmm. I don’t feel like it was a very productive week. Have you ever had so much to do that you get to the end of the week and you realize that somehow, you have even more on your to-do list than you did before? Geez… what the heck have I been doing!?

    Wednesday Wrap Up

    So this week, I will start off with a confession. I messed up financially and it’s really stupid. I hate myself for it. I realize it’s just money and it’s not like I can’t make more of it. But seriously? I’m really upset with myself for this one.

    I overspent at Walmart. There… I said it. I knew I had when I did it but I justified it because I needed most of what I purchased (things like a new toothbrush, deodorant, laundry detergent, etc.). And the other things? Well, they were a gift for a friend who bought and/or gifted things to me many, many months ago who I haven’t gotten around to finding the perfect gift for. What can I say… My guilt likes to spend money.

    On top of the money I spent at Walmart (which amounted to about $125), I bought a bunch of things this month via PayPal utilizing this “buy now, we’ll pay for it and we’ll just take the money from you in 14 days” thing they are allowing me to do. I’ve done okay with it so far but I guess I went a little overboard this month and didn’t plan very well.

    Okay, so maybe I did not need those 4 My Little Pony posters which cost me $20 after shipping. But I mean… either Bruce or Oliver knocked over a soda can on my desk and destroyed one of them and my heart couldn’t stand to not replace it immediately as it was a gift. It was far cheaper to just go ahead and fork over $20 now for the set of 4 than to spend $25 on just one poster later.

    Maybe I didn’t need the $39 Metal Nail Polish Rack but let’s be honest here – I have wanted one for a very long time (seriously, one of my biggest wants in life is a wall dedicated to nail polish… and that’s just about standards right?). These racks can get stupid expensive. I’ve been monitoring the prices on different types for a while and $39 seems to be an average price, if not a total steal. Plus there’s this little known fact in this house that my nail polish has taken over and I cannot stand to have it all sitting around on my desk any more. I am craving some sort of organization.

    And then there’s the $15 I spent on purchasing ad space for this blog. Because I spent the money using PayPal, it also fell into buy now, pay later thing. I didn’t realize it. I thought it only chimed in for purchased goods – things that would be physically delivered to me. I thought I had actually paid this service up front. Oops.

    So we’re looking at about $75 that needs to come out of my bank account. That’s not really a big deal. Don’t get me wrong… it’s a lot of money but what’s done is done. The trouble is that all of this is set to come out on or the day before I get paid and I have precisely enough money to get myself to work for the rest of the week. Great. Fabulous. Way to go Kimi.

    The only good news in all of this (besides definitely having learned my lesson) is that because it’s due to come out on a weekend and there’s often a 2-4 day processing time, I might just make it by the skin of my teeth (wtf is that even supposed to mean?).

    Speaking of money…

    Jeremy has been wanting a PS4. It’s about $430 after tax. For his paycheck, that’s not a big deal. I mean, he can’t run around buying PS4 whenever he feels like it, but his paycheck can handle that if there’s not any other big purchases to be made. I really want for him to get one because I feel like he really deserves it. He works really hard and he should get to have this game system.

    Except… then we spent a bunch of money because we were getting Bruce and Oliver (litter box, litter, kitty food, toys, carrier to bring them home, collars, etc). And then he spent over $300 on new glasses and prescription safety glasses for work this week. Sure, he’ll get reimbursed for the safety glasses eventually, but he still had to pay that up front. And then yesterday… his tire blew out and needs replaced. Fabulous. The man can’t catch a break and now I feel like it’s my fault.

    Have you ever been in a relationship where you know you are definitely not the main bread winner? – all of the big purchases that need made or big bills that are handled are the responsibility of your partner. And for some reason, all of these “little” things keep happening that in their own right are no big deal. Add them all up however and it’s a big mess and even if you aren’t the one who caused his glasses to need replaced and you didn’t put that hole in his tire… somehow, it still feels like it’s all your fault.

    That’s how I feel right now. I feel like I am slowly breaking this man down. I feel like somehow, I am a constant drain on the people around me and I don’t know why it always seems to happen. I realize that again, logically I am not the cause of the issue regarding his glasses or his tire. That doesn’t stop me from seeing a bunch of little things that pop up that make me wonder is there’s some sort of cosmic force that ruins the lives of people close to me. Does anyone else feel this way!?

    Or maybe it’s the battered women’s syndrome talking. Who the fuck knows. More on this topic later.

    Worst of all is that I reminded him yesterday of all of the money we’ll be spending in September. He has training to go out of town for. Sure, he’ll again be reimbursed for the travel expense, but he still has to pay it up front. There’s a weekend trip to see his family as well. It’s just gas money but it’s money spent regardless. Then there’s my tattoo. Long story short on this tattoo – I’ve wanted it a very long time and Jeremy offered to pay for it as my birthday gift this year. He doesn’t seem to understand that this tattoo is definitely going to cost over $300. That makes me feel even more guilty because he could be spending that on getting himself a PS4. Ugh.

    Don’t get me wrong – All of these things can be afforded between us. I just feel like somehow, I am draining him financially and sucking the fun out of his life. I fail at money for reasons unknown to me. I often wish I could withstand getting a second job but with my sleep disorder, I’m lucky I make it to the one I have.

    This Wednesday Wrap Up is sort of depressing and it doesn’t even cover my week. Money just seems to be the big subject in my life right now. Sorry. Kittens and rainbows to follow… promise.

    Love, Kimi

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    Doctor Who: Series 8 Premiere Spoilers

    Warning: This blog post contains both personal opinions and especially SPOILERS about the Series 8 premiere of Doctor Who. Reading beyond this point guarantees that you will encounter information regarding the episode that will ruin any and all of its surprises for you. Spoilers…

    I want to start this post by helping you understand on what I base my opinions. Everyone remembers their first Doctor and for me, Matt Smith / #11 was mine. Don’t get me wrong – I love all of them. They each have their own quirks and their own specialness that makes them uniquely and completely The Doctor. But 11? He’s my Doctor and nothing will ever change that. You see, I had a friend who tried to get me interested in Doctor Who for years and I didn’t care for it. And then one day, about 5 years ago a very special clip on YouTube caught my attention. Something about the relationship between 11 and Amy piqued my interest. I ran with The Doctor, and I’ve been running ever since.


    I watched every episode I could get my hands on – which back then, was much more difficult than it is now. Once I’d watched every episode of Series 6, I went backwards… I watched a little bit of the 10th Doctor and felt sort of “Meh” at first (all Whovians just blinked, or something). I decided if I were going to do it, I was going to do it right and a full conversion would be necessary. I went back to Series 1 of the Doctor Who reboot. I fell in love with the show more and more with each passing episode. I was hooked and I binge watched Doctor Who for a week.

    I watched as The Doctor loved and lost… as companions came and went… Rose, Mickey, Donna, Captain Jack Harkness, Martha, Amy & Rory. Each companion lit up my screen in their own way and made me see so many sides of the same man – how could I not fall in love? I lost The Doctor as many times as I gained him back and fell head over heels all over again. And then it happened… The Doctor, my Doctor. I lost him. He’s gone.

    Yes, we can all argue that he’s the same man. Indeed, he is. I know because I watched the Series 8 premiere and I can attest to this – he is in fact The Doctor. But I understand the feeling of loss now. I understand that “he’s coming back” isn’t really true. Not for me. My Doctor is gone.

    And here we are, on the last page.

    The Series 8 Premiere

    Opening Doctor Who Series 8

    It’s no surprise that I wasn’t feeling very excited about the Series 8 premiere. I mean, sure… I knew I was interested still. I knew I wanted to see it. Peter Capaldi who would play what we know as “The 12th Doctor” seemed pretty cool. And Clara? Well, I love Clara. In fact, she’s been one of my favorite companions so far. But excited? No. I wasn’t really all that excited.

    My screen glowed and I was faced with a new Doctor. Who is this strange man? He didn’t know so I certainly didn’t. Is that a hint of #4 I see? Capaldi acted out several different mannerisms and personalities The Doctor has had as if he were scrolling through a rolodex. He nailed it. If ever there were a doubt that Peter Capaldi could act… let alone play the role of The Doctor… he crushed it in the first 20 seconds of speaking.

    Peter Capaldi 12th Doctor

    I saw him. There he was. The Doctor. I saw him under the short, silver hair (still not ginger!), behind the lines on his face. This is not my sort of sexy, young, trying to be hip Doctor. No. This is a man who has seen things, done things, lived. Behind those older eyes is a man who has lived for 2,000 years, seen stars turn to dust, watched as galaxies formed and crumbled.

    Clara on the other hand was clearly not so sure. She liked the younger Doctor. It was very interesting because it seemed as if she got the opposite deal of Rose who went from an older to a younger Doctor. I very much like the idea of seeing a companion who has been very flirtatious with her time-traveling man friend, having to face his… well, his older face. It wasn’t until Madame Vastra (can I get a hell yeah? I love that lizard lady) called her out on her nonsense that Clara spoke up and showed her true feelings. Although this new transition was hard for her and she wasn’t sure she could handle it, she loved him (platonically) all the same.

    Vastra Jenny and Clara talking

    Now, I’m not going to talk too much about the plot of the episode. I really would rather stick to the relationship dynamics that are shifting. That said, I so very much love that they finally touched on The Girl in the Fireplace episode again. If you don’t remember, it’s the episode where the 10th Doctor meets Madame De Pompadour via the use of her fireplace which is connected to a space ship piloted by clock-work people who don’t have the parts to fix their ship and instead, start using human parts to patch it up. We see this again when a survivor of that episode has patched himself up to the point that he’s almost not a robot any more because he’s made of so many different human parts.

    Clockwork Human Doctor WhoThe Doctor and Clara with Clockwork Human

    We have encountered a new antagonist of some sort named Missy who quite frankly, looks like a gothic Mary Poppins. She refers to The Doctor as her “boyfriend” but we don’t have much more to go on at this point. There are a lot of rumors and fan theories as to who she may be – everything from his sub-conscious to River Song. She played a very small part in this episode but it seems she will be in the final 2 episodes of the season so I assume she’s kind of a big deal.

    Missy in Doctor Who

    After the plot of the story concludes (which is seemingly otherwise not super important for anything but to fuel the real story), Clara meets up with The Doctor who is freshly dressed in what will be his ongoing attire with a new TARDIS interior. I loved the joke about how he didn’t know if he liked the new decor and that he used to have a bunch of “round things” and wonders where he put them. Very nice nod at past Doctors and their decoration choices. I’m digging Capaldi’s outfit. It’s trendy, clean-cut, age appropriate and has just a little bit of dashing and sexy. Yeah, yeah… we aren’t supposed to find him sexy now, but whatever. I think this Doctor has got just a little bit of sexy.

    The most important part of this episode isn’t Clara. It isn’t The Doctor’s clothes or the TARDIS. It isn’t the plot. It isn’t the lizard woman or Jenny or Strax. The most important part of this episode is a phone call. One very, very important phone call.

    For a moment, Clara isn’t sure how she feels. The Doctor is ready to run off with her through all of time and space but Clara doesn’t know him. She isn’t judging, but she is still so unsure. Who is this man? Who will he become? He still isn’t the man she fancied. And then the phone rings…

    The Doctor and Clara Phone Call

    It’s The Doctor. For clarification purposes, it’s Matt Smith portraying the 11th Doctor (best cameo ever). He tells her to be brave and to look after the man she’s with… the man he hopes she’s with. He knows she’s scared but he’s scared too – more scared that she could ever imagine. He needs her to stay with him. He assures her that he’s really him.

    I was in tears. Big, dinosaur sized tears. The whole point is to remind the audience that he’s really him… to assure us that we haven’t really lost him. He’s still The Doctor and he needs us.

    Well I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.

    Farewell Doctor… my Doctor. Thank you again for years of joy, memories and a new outlook on life. Anyone who says a television show can’t change you – they’re wrong. Being a Whovian isn’t just about being a fan of some characters on the screen. It’s about believing in something more – the best in people, the importance of everyone, the potential for greatness.

    This episode gets a 10 from me if ever there could be one. I am now so excited for the rest of the season. It once again really sucks that I always work on Saturdays!

    Disclaimer: All media belongs to BBC. Screenshots of the show were taken by me for the purpose of writing this blog.

    Love, Kimi

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    10 Awesome Blog Fonts You Should Be Using

    Calling all font lovers! Are you looking to spruce up your blog a bit? Don’t know where to find fonts that will make your blog stand out while still be legible (and affordable)? I have rounded up Awesome Blog Fonts – 10 of my favorites that add a little flare. Mix and match for a cute, clean style!

    Awesome Blog Fonts

    Let’s talk about these fonts, shall we? Here’s the scoop on all of the fonts listed in the graphic above.

    Champagne & Limousines

    A couple of years ago, I came across this awesome site called Nymphont where I found Champagne & Limousines. I fell in love with this font. It’s the perfect san serif if there ever was one. I have used this font regularly ever since. It’s become sort of my go-to font to the point that I have to make conscious effort to choose others!

    This font comes in 4 styles: Regular, Italic, Bold, and Italic Bold. It also features many special characters including all of the normal ones you would use like ? @ $ and !

    This and all fonts found at Nymphont are free for personal use. She asks that you donate via PayPal should you desire to use them commercially. I have donated to her every year! I legitimately wouldn’t have had such successful businesses without being able to package them up using her fonts.

    Happy Phantom

    This font always gives me a sort of fun-in-the-sun feel. It’s a great way to spruce up blog posts or your entire blog if you are looking to give off a beachy, summer vibe. The graphic above utilizes Happy Phantom is all caps and looks great either way. This is also a Nymphont font and free for personal use.

    This font comes in 4 styles: Regular, Italic, Bold, and Italic Bold It also features many special characters including all of the normal ones you would use like ? @ $ and !

    Always in my Heart

    I like this font because it’s an easy way to add just a touch of cursive to your site without being overly “frilly” as I call it. I think this font makes a great end-post signature since it also has a couple of cute heart characters that you can use!

    It comes in just 1 style – Regular. It features all of the special characters you would normally use including ? @ $ and ! and also features 2 heart types – open and filled in.

    This font is free for personal use. As of this post, it is $15.00 USD to use this font unlimited commercially.


    This is another great signature font. I also like it as a way to add a bit of “hand writing” somewhere if you’re looking for a more realistic feel. It’s got a very casual look to it. As far as I know, this font is free to use as it does not come with any specific use instructions at download.

    It comes in just 1 style – Regular. It features all of the special characters you would normally use (and then some) including ? @ $ and !


    Something about this font makes me think of big city 1920′s. If you want to glam up your blog, this easy to read font is the one to do it with! It’s a sort of serif/san serif mix (if that makes any sense at all).

    It comes in just 1 style – Regular. It features a selection of special characters but is lacking in some. It at least includes the most often used ? $ and ! but is missing the useful @

    While this font is free for personal use, you must purchase a license to use it otherwise. You can purchase this font for commercial use on the author’s website. As of this post, the commercial license costs $15.00 USD.


    I love the lightly whimsical look of this font. It’s a san serif with just a hint of flair. The e’s in particular catch my eye. This works great as a widely used font on your blog in order to stray from the ordinary.

    This font comes in 6 different styles of Light, Medium, Bold and an italics version of each. The set includes a large array of special characters including the needed ? @ $ and !

    As far as I can speculate, this font is free for personal use. I was unable to locate licensing information however, so please use caution when using this font commercially.

    Eight One

    This futuristic font works great if you are wanting your text to stand out without the complications of something scripty. The only downside you may find is that this font is all “lowercase”. For this reason, it works best as a heading or maybe a logo.

    This font comes in one, Regular style and includes a long list of special characters including ? @ $ and !

    This font is completely free to use for both personal and commercial use. In fact, its author gave the following statement “The font is completely free to use, modify, etc. There is no license to use the font. Please feel free to do whatever you wish with it. :)”


    Another fabulous Nymphont! This fun, scripty font can be a little over the top so I suggest it be used sparingly. I used it in the above graphic. It can add a great touch but can overwhelm. Mix it with a basic font for best results.

    It has 1 Regular style and has a great set of special characters including the useful ? @ $ and !

    As with all fonts by Lauren Thompson of Nymphont, this font is free for personal use. Please make a donation if you want to use it commercially.

    Nymph’s Handwriting

    Yes, it’s a Nymphont. What can I say? Girl got it going on. I love this font because sometimes, I just want something that looks a little bit more hand-written without it being super loopy and hard to read. This font is clean and cute. The font has little details that make it stand out just enough – notably the uppercase A and H, as well as the lower case A which I especially like because I write my own A’s with a serif. This is a cute font for a signature or anywhere you feel needs a little something extra.

    This font comes in one Regular style and features a nice list of special characters including ? @ $ and ! – the & is especially cute.

    Free for personal use. Make sure to donate to Nymphont if looking to use this commercially.


    Last but not least… this Nymphont like the rest of its family offers just a little something special for your blog. I like that it isn’t overly girly. So if you’re tired of the super sweet, loopy cursive fonts, then Margot is for you.

    It comes in one Regular style and has a full list of special characters. I like the lower case portion of the font the best. It’s well-made. It includes ? @ $ and !

    Like its sisters, Margot is free for personal use. It’s commercially available with donation to Nymphont.

    Disclaimer: This is not a paid for blog post. This post is not in any way supported by Nymphont.com – it’s purely coincidental that I happen to love and regularly use many of her font sets as they reflect my own personality and needs.

    Love, Kimi

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