2016 SDCC Funko I Need + Other Must Have Collectibles

2016 SDCC Funko I Need + Other Must Have Collectibles

Disclaimer: This post contains a few affiliate links because this girl needs money for buying massive amounts of Funko Pops… ya dig?

I told myself that I wouldn’t be buying any SDCC Funko this year. Remember last year? I spent around $300 on SDCC Funko and other exclusive collectibles. And no, I totally don’t regret it. But this year would be different. For starters, I was on my way out of town the day of the exclusives being released in stores, and more importantly… I didn’t need to be spending that kind of money on Funko. But here I am… finding myself with the serious urge and realizing I’d be dropping as much cash this year if I bought all of the SDCC Funko I want.

It all started with someone showing off a Joker Bust they purchased from Barnes & Noble. No, it’s not a Funko… but it’s one of the exclusive collectibles up for grabs this year. It matches the Batman and the Catwoman busts I ended up with last year. These busts aren’t cheap as they retail for $60 each. I don’t need to be dropping $60 on one item – much as I want to. Then I got curious. I’ve done my best to just stay away from SDCC Funko related chatter, but I folded. What was coming out this year? I should have never looked…


Brak & Zorak

Next thing I know, I’m staring look through the SDCC Exclusives on PopCultcha, drooling over some Brak and Zorak Funko Pops… from Space Ghost. What!? I need them. NEED THEM NOW. Did you watch that show growing up? I was all of 12 and I used to watch it on the tiny TV in my bedroom late at night when it aired on Cartoon Network in the late 90’s. These guys are a unique part of my childhood and I must have them.

Brak Funko Pop

Zorak Funko Pop


Doctor Strange

But wait! What is this I see!? Oh how I love this Doctor Strange Funko Pop. The ONLY thing keeping me from buying him is that I don’t necessarily need this exclusive version – not for a movie I haven’t even seen. I know a different version will flood the market in October at GameStop – one I am sure I will be equally as happy with. In the mean time, I will drool over this one…

Doctor Strange SDCC Funko Pop


Harley Quinn

Y’all know I love collecting Harley Quinn figurines. While I have never been interested in Funko’s Rocky Candy figurine line, I find myself wanting to buy this Harley “New 52” SDCC Exclusive. She’s absolutely adorable and would so great with my growing collection. Look at those details! Perfection.

Harley Quinn SDCC Rock Candy


My Little Pony

Okay, so this isn’t Funko related and it isn’t even an exclusive (as far as I know). But during our trip to Florida, we stopped in at a local GameStop, curious to see if they happened to have any of the above mentioned Doctor Strange exclusives left (they didn’t… boo) and I came across an unexpected My Little Pony figurine – this 8″ tall, beautiful Discord figurine made by Hasbro as part of their new Guardians of Harmony collection.

Oh I wanted him… really wanted him. But he was $35 and we’d just bought 3 Funko Pop from FYE (Ugh, money). Look at this gorgeous creature!

Dircord Guardians of Harmony

Good news is… you can order him online from Amazon for cheaper, which is what I may very well do. Unfortunately, this had lead me down a whole other path and I found other My Little Pony figurines from the same collection that I absolutely must own as well! Crap. Crap. Crap.

Look at these lovely ladies…

Princess Celestia Guardians of Harmony

Nightmare Moon Guardians of Harmony

I originally found Nightmare Moon depicted on the Barnes & Noble website while looking through their SDCC Funko – and later made the connection to the Discord I’d found at GameStop. You can take a gamble buy these ladies from B&N. The trick is… they will randomly send you one or the other. Personally, I’m thinking of testing my luck and hoping I get Princess Celestia (priced at over $30 on Amazon) and then buying Nightmare Moon from Amazon for cheaper (priced at only $20).


What SDCC Exclusives Do You Want?

I know. I KNOW. This all adds up so fast. Collecting is no joke… it takes serious cash, cash that I don’t really have right now. Hopefully I can snag at least a few of my wants before they are all sold out everywhere and prices get completely out of control.

The important thing is to do your homework… and fast. Figure out who has the exclusives you want and who has them for cheaper. Maybe website A has them cheaper, but their shipping prices are crazy. But perhaps website B has some sort of incentive for buying several Funko and good shipping rates.


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Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish Review

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to pretty nail polishes you might enjoy.

I say this every time I talk about nail polish on my blog… I am not a nail polish blogger (and with good reason haha). But that doesn’t mean I don’t love trying out different brands, colors, and formulas of nail polish and this week, I finally tried out Essie’s new Gel Couture polish. Let’s just say I am having a sort of Love-Hate relationship with it that I think is worth sharing with you.

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish and Top Coat Review

If you aren’t familiar with the whole gel polish craze, it’s basically a special type of polish that dries super shiny, incredibly hard, and is boasted to last “up to 14 days” (unless you’re crazy like me and you paint your nails every 3 days just because). I’ve shown you Sally Hansen Miracle Gel before on my blog which requires no special UV lighting and instead reacts with regular light to activate the gel top coat. Essie’s new Gel Couture polish is the same way.

There are already plenty of colors to choose from – 42 in fact at the time of this post. There’s something for everyone – neutrals, pastels, brights, and deeps. I selected a color called First View. It’s this beautiful, neutral blue with the slightest shimmer to it. Absolutely gorgeous. If it weren’t for the fact that I just went on vacation and don’t need to be spending a fortune on nail polish (these aren’t cheap at $11.50 per bottle), I’d have bought at least a couple of the other colors too. But in order to get the proper gel polish effect, I would need to buy “Step 2”, the light reactive top coat – bringing my total already to $23 + tax for the pair. Ouch.

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish and Top Coat

I tend to shy away from these “Step 2” top coats. I have always enjoyed using Seche Vite’s Fast Dry Topcoat and I constantly get asked if my nails are gel because of it. But since I was going to try out this new polish, I went ahead and got the special top coat.

Color Application

While this polish is supposed to only be a 2 step process of color and top coat, I went ahead and utilized a base coat because a couple of my nails are currently in dire need of TLC. Ugh, I know. I have a nervous working habit of chewing my nails while I am deep into my work – which I have been this past week. Yikes.

I’m currently using Essie’s “First Base” base coat to help protect them from any further damage while they grow out. I don’t know if using a base will have any effect on longevity of wear, but I figured it couldn’t hurt anything since this base coat was designed to really adhere to the nail and let the polish bond to it. Whatever… we all know I will be painting my nails again this week. Haha

Polishing itself took less strokes and the crelly (cream + jelly) consistency almost gave full opacity in one coat. Application felt smooth and not streaky. It took less time to do my nails and less time to dry the color per coat. I went with the standard 2 coats of polish and let them dry well in between.

Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish Brush

This is the BEST nail polish brush I have ever experienced. Believe me… I am serious about my nail polish brushes and have previously boasted the brush found in Sally Hansen Miracle Gel or Complete Salon Manicure as my favorite. It’s great… but the new brush shape in Essie’s Gel Couture is perfect. The brush fibers spread into a flat and easy to control formation that really lets you get closer to your cuticle without the worry of getting it on your skin. Even the most well practiced polishers get nail polish on their skin from time to time, and not all brushes were created equal. This one is top notch for sure.

Applying the Top Coat

Having prior experience with these Step 2 top coats, I knew I needed to let the color set well before applying. I think a lot of people get anxious and they rush the polishing process and then get upset about the results. I get it… I like to rush too. That’s half the reason I don’t like these types of top coats. I want hard, fast results… like the one I get from using the Seche Vite fast dry top coat.

I wasn’t too sure of this one. Essie Gel Couture Step 2 Top Coat honestly reminds me every bit as much of the one from Sally Hansen. It’s borderline streaky and I feel like it dulls the color once applied. It takes a very long time to dry. Even once it seemed fully dry, it wasn’t. There’s a huge difference between what my nails looked like last night when I polished them and this morning after the curing process as I like to call it, had been completed.

Essie Gel Coutue Nail Polish First View

Don’t get me wrong… the top coat dries crazy hard and it’s definitely a gel consistency. It feels like it would last me the week if I wanted it to. But comparing it to my usual top coat, I’d rather spend half the price and get faster results that are comparatively about the same. I could see using Essie’s Step 2 Gel Couture Top Coat if I needed the manicure to last longer, but I’m too obsessed with painting my nails to go a whole week with the same polish on my nails. Haha!


I’m really digging the Essie Gel Couture nail polish. I’ve always really liked Essie’s formula but wasn’t a big fan of their skinny brush. These are so much better and I can see myself splurging on a lot more of these. I see some colors I am super excited to try!

Have you ever tried a gel nail polish before? What do you like / not like about them?

Getting Fit and Giving Fit: a Fitness Inspired Giveaway

I’ve talked to you before about how much I love my FitBit and the ways my FitBit has changed my lifestyle. I love this thing and I get really excited about seeing my step count at the end of the day. That’s why this month I’ve teamed up with My So-Called Chaos and a bunch of other fabulous bloggers and creatives for a big Get Fit Giveaway! We’re giving away a prize pack full of fitness goodies in the winner’s choice of color!

July Big Get Fit Giveaway

July Get Fit Giveaway Sponsors’ Answers

Since the giveaway this month is fitness related, Angie asked each of her sponsors to share with you how we enjoy staying and being healthy. Here are our answers:

What is your favorite form of fitness/healthy living, and why?

We love to stay healthy by drinking plenty of water and getting as many fresh fruits & veggies as possible. We also try to buy organic whenever possible, all of the weird ickiness is definitely not good for our bodies!” – Hannah & Sara of The Perfect Storm

Group Classes – It’s a fun way to spend time with friends and get a good workout in. I’m a part of a fitness group called Baby Boot Camp where Mom’s workout together and you’re able to bring your little one along in a stroller. It’s a great way to get your workout in while still having your child with you.” – Libby of Health, Love & Fire

I love walking. I have some back issues, so I can’t do anything strenuous, but I love to walk outside and reconnect with nature.” – Tabitha of A Hundred Tiny Wishes

Eating in moderation. I hate to exercise and love to eat, so this is the best way for me to stay healthy! I don’t eat a lot of processed food and try to eat as organic and healthy as possible.” – Andi of Misadventures with Andi

Swimming is my favorite ever. I like that I can get in a good workout without putting a lot of strain on my body – in particular my problematic feet. I especially love lazy rivers because walking against the currant is wonderful exercise!” – Kimi of Kimi Who

“I consider chasing after my two toddlers everyday a form of exercise. I always try to drink a lot of water.” – Ashley of Mama Designed

“I love going on adventures with my husband! Hiking and exploring new cities is not only fun, but it burns a lot of calories too!” – Olya of The Siberian American

July Get Fit Giveaway Sponsors

I’m a yoga person. I also have two dogs that keep me active. I live near the beach and love swimming pools too. I’m excited about Pokemon Go because it’s encouraging people to walk around their city and explore!” – Brittany of Pop Shop America

I love HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)! You get a great workout in and scorch calories in a short amount of time. I also love getting out in nature and hiking to soak up some Vitamin D and fresh air.” – Christine of Collectively Christine

I love to dance! While I don’t get to the studio anymore, my living room is very long so I’m always dancing in there.” – Amanda of Green Tea & Cotton

“I love hot yoga, but more importantly I just try to stay moving. That may mean just a walk with the dog or cleaning around my house. Anything you can do to stay off the couch & moving around is so great for you mind & your body!” – Blake of Glitter Your Dash

Enter the Get Fit Giveaway

The Get Fit Giveaway will have one winner, who can choose from one of five color choice packages (pictured in the giveaway image at the top of this post.) Each package includes a Fitbit Flex, a fitness journal, an inspirational/quote water bottle (34oz), and a headband. These will all be shipped from their original sources to the winner (some from Etsy, some from Amazon) after the giveaway is over and the winner has claimed their prize. Prizes subject to availability, if something is no longer available a substitution will be made. The winner also has the option to choose to take $100 cash via Paypal instead if they choose.

This giveaway is open worldwide (international winners will receive $100 cash via Paypal instead of the prize due to shipping issues) and runs from 12AM MDST on Tuesday, July 26th to 12AM MDST on Tuesday, August 9th. Entering below agrees to these and all other Terms and Conditions within the Rafflecopter widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Florida: My Weekend Trip to See My Daughter

Just a Note: I apologize that this post is sort of weird. It’s not formatted and it’s a jumble of feels. Also, it is intentionally posted without pictures in order to protect the privacy of my daughter.

We took a little vacation to Florida this past weekend in order to see my daughter, Hailey. I don’t know why I didn’t talk about it much before we left – certainly not here, and really not much among my friends or on Facebook. Maybe it’s because it sort of crept up on me. One minute we were booking the trip well in advance and next thing I knew, I was pulling some late nights to make sure my blog was in top notch condition and could run itself for a weekend. Now that we’ve made the trip, I have a lot of feelings about this past weekend and a lot of it I really can’t talk about.

We had 4 days with Hailey – a total of five meals, a couple of desserts, observing her behavioral therapy session, and a trip to a water park. Somehow out of all of that, the moments I enjoyed most were spent in the bathroom. You see, I didn’t get much alone time with Hailey. It’s understandable, I suppose. If you don’t remember, Hailey is autistic and while she’s greatly improved over the last year, she is prone to melt downs and it was probably best that her grandmother was in the vicinity for the duration of my time with her. But still… the quiet moments spent in the bathroom were my favorites.

I’ve spent a lot of years ignoring the call of Motherhood. Maybe I’m not Mother of the year… but that doesn’t mean I’m not someone’s Mommy. Much as I do my best to ignore it and to live my life without her, the fact that she’s my daughter so easily rises to the surface when I see her and never so quickly as when we have a few moments alone. The time spent in the bathroom making sure she’s settled in or to wash and dry her hands is when the Mommy comes out and I get just a few minutes to be the person I was supposed to be.

You probably don’t even realize how precious those few minutes are. You might be struggling to manage a baby and a diaper bag while being sure your other kid actually washes their hands with soap this time. Maybe you caught a glimpse in the mirror and felt disgusted by the bags under your eyes. You could be wondering what that stain is on your shirt, where it came from, and how long you’ve been walking around like that. It sounds like a disaster to you… but for me, it’s the moment I get with my daughter. It’s when I’m Mommy again.

I didn’t plan anything for our vacation. I didn’t really look into what was around where we were visiting beyond there being plenty of places to eat, a water park, shopping mall, and of course the beach. Honestly, I wasn’t there to drag her around for my benefit and spend a bunch of money on activities. I was there to be with her. I could have seriously just sat there for hours and watched her. I caught myself staring at her a little too long many times… as did she. Oops. I would have been just as happy letting her be her… playing on her iPad, listening to music, jumping on her trampoline. I was there to experience her… not Florida.

Overall, I don’t know how I feel about the contents of our trip. I’m thankful for the time we did get with her, but incredibly sad for the time we didn’t. I have a lot of other feelings about the weekend and while I believe they are justified, they don’t have any place here on my blog. Sorry… I don’t often keep much to myself around here, but sometimes things are better left unsaid. I think I need more time to process before I decide to discuss this past weekend with Hailey’s grandparents – if I even decide to do that at all. Sometimes things get said that are meant to be funny or things happen that weren’t meant to be hurtful. I recognize that… and I know I am as protective as any Mom out there. So I need some time to get past those feelings and decide if I should really be upset or not.

I’m so wrecked over the fact that Jeremy drove 8 hours to Florida, 8 hours home last night and he’ll drive 4.5 hours to Atlanta to go back to work. If there were any doubt that that man loves me, this weekend was proof otherwise. He took vacation time off so that I could be with my daughter and he really got nothing out of it. He spends so much time in hotel rooms and away from home, but he did this for me anyways. He has no emotional attachment to Hailey and he can’t really understand where my head and heart are with all of this, but he did everything possible to make this weekend happen anyways. He is truly an incredible man.

I’m glad to be home. I missed the house, my bed, and of course… our fur children who are incredibly happy we’re home as well. I’m so freaking tired. The drive there and back is horrible. It makes me even more grateful that they brought Hailey up to see me for my birthday. On the one hand, I’d love it if we could continue doing this… they bring her up to see me once a year, and we go down to see her once a year. On the other hand, I hate the idea of her being dragged through that. That car ride really was terrible. Ugh.

My Favorite Funko Displays

My Favorite Funko Displays

Special thanks to members of Carolina’s Funko Pop Buy/Trade/Sell and Funko Collectors Anonymous for their generous picture contribution which made this blog post possible.

One of the most exciting things about having a new office was that it meant I could dedicate a space to my Funko collection. Unfortunately, my Funko sat in our garage for several months – boxed up, sad, lonely… you get the idea. It’s finally in the house and unpacked, and yet my precious Funko are still in their individual boxes, tucked into a corner of my office and longing for the day they are proudly displayed in a way that they deserve to be.

There’s so many brilliant ideas for displaying a Funko collection and as I’m finding… none of them are cheap once you have more than 50 Funko to set out. I’m having trouble deciding what route to go, so I thought I’d call on some fellow Funko lovers and show you how they display their collections!

But before I get into that, don’t forget that at the end of this post, you too can participate in #FunkoFridays! All you have to do is write a Funko related blog post and fly the Funko Fridays banner on your post!

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1: Collection Room Takeover


I’m not a comic book collector, but this set up from Kyle Kehler makes me want to become one. I know that’s totally not related to Funko, but I am digging the idea of basically wallpapering a room with comic books. It pairs well with his setup, which contains various collectibles. I kind of want to do this in our loft, which we’ve recently decided is going to be a personal entertainment space of sorts.

I’m pretty sure those glass stands are from Ikea. They aren’t cheap at $70 each. I considered them as a potential option for my office paired with some tiered, acrylic shelves. But realistically, I could only fit a total of 20 Funko Pop per shelf and I have more than 80 Funko Pop. And besides… what would I do with the Funko My Little Pony that wouldn’t fit in there? I’d have to spend $70 just for one case, not have enough room, and figure out a different option for my MLP.


2: Chic & Protective Boxes


Would you believe me if I told you that those amazingly perfect-sized boxes on Brian Wattles’ wall are actually meant for displaying baseball bats? You can buy them at Michaels, but they are incredibly expensive. They are regularly priced at $60 per box, although some Funko fans have suggested that they wait for them to go on sale and get them for as low as $30 each. Still… very expensive boxes. But I LOVE the out of box look matched with the protection of the black box.

I wish so much that the boxes came in white. I briefly toyed with the idea of buying some and spray painting them, but I’m terrified to drop that kind of cash and ruin a box. As far as I can tell, each box can only hold a dozen, regular-sized Funko Pop. Even if I displayed some on top of each box as Brian did, we’re looking at only 24 Funko per box. I’d need at least 4 boxes x $30 each minimum and it still would leave me in need of a way to display the MLP Funko. Ouch. They look so nice tho! Honestly, I think we’re going to get some for displaying Jeremy’s Amiibo collection.


3: Super Organized


So far, this has been my favorite idea for displaying (and technically the cheapest overall). I love this well organized Star Wars Funko Pop collection set up from Ryan Best. I’ve seen this sort of set up before and it’s the biggest reason I’m looking to replace a few of my Funko Pop boxes that either got crushed or have prices written directly on them (*gasp* I know! Stores suck!). I think it looks visually appealing.

I actually tried to go this route a few weeks back. We went out to Lowes to buy some plain, white shelves that were 6 feet long in length and the brackets for each shelf. If I remember correctly, the total cost for 3 shelves and 4 brackets per shelf came out to somewhere in the $90 range. Unlike other options, I would be able to fit my entire Funko Pop collection with room to spare, plus be able to set out my My Little Pony Funko collection with it.


4: Telling a Story


But not all displays have to be about maximizing space. My friend Mari Massey (who is totally a terrible influence on me when it comes to Funko!) has the cutest setup for her Harry Potter Funko Pop! I love that she included several items HP related – many of which she got during her trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (oh man, I want to go SO badly). Mildly off topic: I never knew I needed more than one Dementor Funko Pop until I saw her display. Genius.

To achieve this sort of display, the shelves don’t have to be very expensive. I’ve noticed that if you go to a regular department store like Target and you look into buying shelves, they want like $20+ per shelf. That wouldn’t be a big deal, I guess… except the shelves are all of 2-3 feet in length. I’d much rather go to Lowes and buy longer shelves for cheaper.

What’s Your Favorite?

Which of the displays is your favorite and do you display your Funko in a similar fashion? I’ve love to know how you display your Funko collection and why you chose to display them that way.

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