Simple Ways to Lower Your Utility Bills This Summer

Disclaimer: Some affiliate links to some useful stuff you should buy to keep your house energy efficient.

Keeping cool this summer without burning a hole in your pocket… #thestruggleisreal. Fortunately, there are a lot of really simple ways you can lower your utility bills this summer and they all involve using less energy. Good for you… good for the environment. Hooray! The best part is that some of the options are so easy that they involve no initial investment and you can do them today. Others may require a little work and some up front cash, but the end result is much more rewarding.

Simple Ways to Lower Your Utility Bills This Summer

Be Mindful of How You Use Your Thermostat

Probably the most obvious ways to save on your energy bill during the hot, summer months is to use your thermostat wisely. It’s tempting to run that A/C at full blast to keep cool, but even leaving things just a few degrees warmer or closer to the outdoor temperature will reduce the amount of energy you use.

Programmable thermostats are also a fantastic way to save on energy costs. While buying such a system requires an investment on your part, you save a lot more money in the long run – easily paying for the system in just one season of use. I especially like easy to use and install thermostats like the Nest thermostat, which allow a quick “Away” feature for when you aren’t home and don’t need to keep your home at a consistent, cooler temperature. It will make sure your home doesn’t go above or below certain temperatures while you are gone, but otherwise allows your home to fluctuate between a high and low temperature setting of your choosing – rather than wasting energy to have the A/C kick on when no one is even there to enjoy it.

Regularly change out your air filters. I know, I know. It sounds like more money spent and it’s tedious, but when your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard, you use less energy and save money. Trust me… it adds up.

Direct your air flow away from rooms that need it less. If you aren’t using your craft room or a guest bedroom, considering shutting the vents or utilizing magnetic vent covers to direct the air flow to rooms that you’re regularly using. They will cool down faster and require less use of the A/C unit.


Replace Older Appliances

Let’s face it… your hand-me-down refrigerator probably saved you money when you were just starting out as an adult, but at this point it may very well be sucking massive amounts of energy. I like my white wine chilled as much as the next girl – but at what expense!? Replacing your non-energy efficient appliances is certainly an up front investment, but once again… easily paid for by how much less you’ll spend over the course of the hot, summer months on your electric bill.

Energy Star certified appliances are definitely the way to go. They use 10-15% less energy and water by comparison to your older, non-certified appliances. As a personal note, all of our new home’s appliances are Energy Star certified… and I am in total awe of how much energy we conserve compared to the much older appliances we had at the apartment.

But if you’re strapped for cash and you just cannot afford to replace all of your big appliances right now (I totally feel you on that) use your larger heat-generating appliances like your dishwasher, dryer, and stove at night when it’s cooler. Your energy bill will thank you (and then you can totally buy more white wine).


Switch to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

This is one of those things that is so simple to do and everyone seems to know all about it, but few take advantage of. The simple act of replacing your bulbs with energy efficient bulbs can save you an average of $30 PER LIGHT BULB over the course of its life. Think about how many bulbs you have in your home. That’s a huge amount of savings for something so easily changed.

Of course, there’s so many light bulbs out there on the market and a lot of information. So long as you are using the correct type of bulb and utilizing one that is Energy Star certified, you almost can’t go wrong. My personal preference are LED bulbs as they outlast the traditional Compact Flourescent (or CFL). That said, they can be a pricey investment and the difference in longevity is marginal.

Instead, I love this 6-Pack of GE Energy Smart CFL light bulbs. Like all Energy Star certified bulbs, these are required to last a minimum of 2 years. If used correctly, you can easily get many more years out of them. These particular bulbs are a cooler, white light which reflects the true colors seen during daylight hours making them easy on the eyes (and fabulous for taking true to color pictures).


Lower Your Water Temperature

Water heating accounts for about 18% of the energy consumed in your home. I love me a super hot shower as much as the next girl, but how often do you turn your hot water on at full blast? Probably next to never… unless scalding yourself is your thing. Think about it – you probably turn the hot water on, followed by the cold in order to receive a stream of hot water at a manageable temperature (or if you’re me… you don’t turn the shower knob all the way to the left).

The simple act of lowering the temperature on your Water Heater to 120 degrees will not only save you money on your energy bill, you’ll also prevent accidental burns – especially if you have little ones in the house. It’s unlikely you’ll notice a difference in the temperature of your morning shower and you’ll spend less time fussing over getting the knobs turned just right. Win-Win.


Unplug Electronics Not In Use

I’m just as bad about this one as you are. Do I really need my Keurig plugged in 24/7? Heck no. Have you ever heard of Phantom Power? It’s the energy used by electronics when they are turned off but still plugged into a power outlet. And oh yes, it’s a legit thing. How many devices do you have plugged in right now that you aren’t even using right this very second?

You probably have a TV, DVD player, DVR, game console (or two if you’re this family), several lamps, coffee maker, blender, toaster, home stereo system, phone charger, phone docking system, printer, computer & monitor, hair dryer, and who knows what else all plugged in right now and you’re probably only using maybe 3 of them at any given moment!

Okay sure, unplugging some of these regularly is a huge pain and maybe not worth the effort for the couple of watts of power they are using every month being plugged in. That said, it adds up quickly. I’m personally trying to stay in the habit of unplugging my toaster when I’m not using it. I might make toast once a week. It’s not going to kill me to take an extra 2 seconds of my time to plug it back in for my crunchy carb goodness.

But what about those other electronics? You don’t really want to have to dig behind the TV and constantly unplug it/plug it back in. This is where power strips come in super handy. They aren’t just for being able to plug a bunch of stuff into a single outlet people! They were designed with this little predicament in mind. When you aren’t using your TV, consider flipping the switch on the power strip. You’ll save yourself quite a bit of money over the course of the year.

What are some ways you are saving energy and lowering your utility bills this summer? I’d LOVE to hear your ideas and success stories. Share with me in the comments below!

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10 Ridiculous Things I’ve Learned About Living in a New House That You Should Know About Too

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to cool stuff we’re using in our home!

Owning a house has taught me many things over the last month. In a sense, it’s taught me a lot about adulting and what it means to take care of something you own – the good, the bad, and the sometimes hilarious. I wanted to share my experiences from living here at our new house for the past month – 10 Ridiculous Things I’ve Learned About Living in a New House… that you should probably know too.


1. Meals don’t have to cost a fortune.
I can feed 5 people a decent, relatively healthy meal for like $25 and still have leftovers. You’re probably like “Duh Kimi” but seriously, we’ve been buying these huge pork roasts and I cook them at really low for 6 hours and then I roast some veggies – carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, etc… and we have a freaking FEAST for all of $25. Everyone eats and I still have food left over for Jeremy and I to have as lunch the next day.

I’m used to spending $30-50 per day, per dinner for just Jeremy and I without any leftovers. I think we’ve easily saved a couple hundred dollars this month alone minimum by having a kitchen I have room to prepare and cook food in. It’s amazing.

2. Cleaning wood floors really sucks.
Laminate wood floors are a huge pain in the ass and I kind of wish I’d never gotten them. To be fair, I didn’t realize they were laminate and not actual hardwood floors until they were all in and I saw one peeling up. If I had known that, I don’t think we would have spent the extra money on them.

They are a HUGE pain in the ass to keep clean. Every morning as the sun pours through the window in the entry, I see every speck of dust, every crumb. Worse… I see the streaks from where I last attempted to clean them. And since the entire downstairs… all 1,000 sqft of it is laminate wood floor, it’s exhausting to keep up with.

I joked about how I needed a Roomba, but then we found this awesome Swiffer Vac at Target for all over $50 (which of course is way the hell cheaper than a Roomba). It’s been AMAZING – especially for vacuuming up stray bit of litter from the powder room where the downstairs litter box lives. But still, it’s exhausting! I have to Swiffer Vac every day if I want to keep the floors cleaned and I’m sorry… Ain’t nobody got time for that. I really do need that Roomba. I see that being my big Christmas present this year – for realsies.

3. Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore.
A proper Bissel Spotbot is the most amazing thing ever created. We had one that you had to charge before using it and literally, to use it for 15 minutes, you had to charge it for hours! It was terrible. Seriously, don’t buy this one – it’s trash.

I think what we have now is a few years old. We bought a Bissel Spotbot Pet Carpet Cleaner from one of our neighbors during a garage sale for $40.

Bissel Spot Bot Pet
Let me tell you… these things retail for around $130 and I would have gladly paid that. Worth every penny. It’s been a life saver in this house since Bruce got an upset tummy and without this thing, our carpet upstairs would have been destroyed.

4. Old people hate stairs for a reason…
It’s not even the reason you think. I’ve concluded that old people hate stairs not because they are difficult to go up and down, but because they get downstairs and forget what the hell they even went there for in the first place only to go back upstairs again and remember. So then they have to go back down and back up again.

This has become the story of my life. At least I’m getting exercise.

5. HOAs are silly… but probably necessary.
I know a lot of people hate HOAs and I get it – no one really wants to be told what they can and cannot do with something they own. These people want me to draw a diagram of what my landscaping plans are before I change anything – including just planting some flowers. It’s silly. But overall, I get it – without these rules in place, people do all kinds of weird shit.

But nothing clued me in better to that fact than after joining the Facebook group for our community and getting to witness the drama between neighbors and the random crap people complained about. So for those of you who hate HOAs, try to remember that just because you’re normal… doesn’t mean the people who live around you are. We’re super thankful that our next door neighbors are friggin amazing because if I had to live next to some of these people for the next 10 years, I might flip my shit.

6. We have too many useless air vents.
One night our bedroom wasn’t as cool as I’d have liked for it to be. It seemed odd to me that the thermostat said it was 70 degrees, but I felt uncomfortably warm in our bed. Even after turning it down to 68, it just didn’t feel cool. Unable to sleep, I walked into my office and realized it was freezing in there!

I realized something about our house that night – we’re wasting electricity cooling rooms we aren’t even regularly using – like the guest bedroom and ‘maybe baby’ room. There’s cold air pouring into rooms with closed doors where no one even spends any time. Worse… every walk in closet in this house has a vent. Yes, that includes my office which is technically a bedroom. I am not in the closet. Why am I keeping it cool!?

We went around upstairs, closing vents. I’ve shut the vents in every closet, the guest room, ‘maybe baby’ room, and even in my office despite the amount of time I spend in there because the vent is right over my desk and I get too cold sometimes. It’s amazing how much cooler our bedroom is and we’re using less electricity running the A/C upstairs because the air flow is focused on the rooms we’re wanting cool.

When I lived with my parents, they had a larger house and we experienced the same issues – too many vents and often in spaces that didn’t need that much air flow. We used magnetic vent covers and they were incredibly helpful. I’m considering ordering some for the closets.

7. Owning a table is weird.
The majority of my adult life, I’ve eaten my meals at home in one of a couple of places: In front of the TV while on the couch, or from the comfort of my computer chair at my desk. I know, I know… it’s very immature in a sense, but that’s just been the reality. For the last 2 years… we just didn’t have a dining table and a big reason was the lack of room for it in our old apartment.

We really struggled with buying a table for the house. I knew what we wanted and what we definitely didn’t want. I knew we didn’t want to spend a fortune on it either and while I was okay with spending less on a project piece… I didn’t want to end up facing another table debacle, wasting money and being miserable about it.

We had a lot of options. We could just replace the top on that $200 veneer top table we purchased (huge pain in the ass), strip it down and just paint the whole thing, buy a used table from someone online (I am addicted to digging through online yard sale groups on Facebook), or suck it up and splurge on a whole new table set. I hated every option. I didn’t want yet another project piece at this point – we have enough damn projects to do right now. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a set – we spent more than we should have between a new couch, patio set, paint, bedding, my office furniture, and other odds ‘n ends.

But then came this table.

It’s the cutest friggin thing and it fits the space of our breakfast nook so perfectly. Okay, it has some scuffs… but it was $225 for the whole thing. And that bench… come on. That bench is the cutest thing EVER and it’s honestly the biggest reason I wanted it. We think a chair may be technically missing, but it’s not really a big deal since most of the family fits on what we do have (and we totally scored some free chairs from a neighbor that we use around the holidays).

But anyways… Having a table to eat dinner at is so bizarre. We sat down at it the first night and it felt so adult. It felt… right. I cooked us a nice meal and we actually sat down together like proper adults, eating dinner and having a glass of wine. It was really nice. And sometimes I catch myself sitting down at the table just to be there for a little while.

8. Cats really like space.
Having 3 grown cats in a 900sqft apartment where they only really got to live in maybe 400sqft was hard – definitely harder on our cats than we realized. They were terrified of the new space when we first moved them in, but within the week… they were so happy with the new house.

Since they have acclimated to their new home, they have become less aggressive. Our cats used to run around too hard, knock things over, tear through the apartment like their fuzzy butts were on fire or something. It was bad. They were becoming really rough in their play and it was worrying me. Now I’m not saying they don’t run through the new house and don’t sometimes get too rough… but it’s nothing like before.

The biggest improvement? No more scratching. Mostly. We bought this big cat tree from Wayfair. I wanted to give them something else worth scratching (ya know… instead of our brand new couch). Bruce has always been good about using a horizontal scratch pad, but Oliver prefers something vertical. That’s why we bought this monster:

Faux Fur Cat Tree by Go Pet Club70″ Faux Fur Cat Tree by Go Pet Club

This thing is super tall and so amazing. Our 3 cats LOVE it. Bruce is usually sleeping at the top. Harley especially is good about using the poles for scratching. Oliver is prone to using the poles and especially that ramp scratcher. I spray it once a week with liquid catnip. It keeps them interested in it… and their claws away from my couch!

It was fairly easy to put together, quite sturdy, and buying it from Wayfair was much more affordable than if we had purchased a similar tree at a traditional Pet Store (plus I mean… free shipping!). It looks great in the corner of our living room since we went with the black one. It’s like having modern cat furniture. Haha

Unfortunately, Oliver still likes to scratch the bottom corner of our bed. I think it’s lack of upstairs scratching options. I’m honestly considering buying this same cat tree and putting it upstairs in our bedroom.

9. Insulation is the best.
Okay so back on the topic of the whole A/C thing… We had a huge problem in our apartment with the electric bill – especially in the Summer. I was so terrified of what our bill would look like in our house, which is basically over 2X the size of the old apartment. Yikes. What is it going to cost to keep this place cool!?

We just got our first official bill – with us actually living here and using the electricity to its full potential. No holding back. No worrying about what the thermostat was set to. We wanted to see how bad it could be. You guys… $140. That’s it. Over 2,100sqft of house, 2 floors, 2 thermostats, and 1 South Carolina heatwave = $140.

Some of you might think that’s incredibly high. Some of you may be drooling with envy. I think it all depends on where you live. Last year despite trying really hard to cut back on the electric bill, the lowest we ever got it was $175 in the summer. That little apartment practically had no insulation and it was so hard to keep it cool. It seemed like the A/C was always running and on top of it we still had to plug in a fan and run it in our bedroom to cool it off. It sucked so badly.

Now that we know, we can pay better attention to how much electricity we use. For example, I have the A/C completely shut off downstairs now at night. There’s just no reason for it. It doesn’t really get hot downstairs at all unless you leave the back door open to the patio (something we have a bad habit of doing).

10. Weeds are dumb and need to die.

I knew lawn care would suck. I’ve never really taken care of a lawn before – I’ve never had one of my own. So I knew it would suck and I know it would take work. I guess I just didn’t realize how soon it would start. Sure, we closed on the house 2 months ago and officially moved in about 1 month ago… but damn, weeds already!?

We have pine straw “mulch” as part of our landscaping. Look… I get it. It’s cheaper because it’s so readily available. But it’s ugly, ineffective, messy looking, and a huge pain when it comes to weeds. And so, out pops all of these weeds and I am already having to go out into the yard and pull them. Ugh.

So what did you learn from living in your first house? I’m sure many of you have a story to share with me. Leave a comment below – I could stand to learn some more ridiculous things!

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I Just Wrote… to say… I miss You (and I’m Back)

You may be wondering where I’ve been and what’s been up with my quite inconsistent posting – or at least I hope you care about me and my blog enough to have thought of me. Haha Honestly? Y’all know how much I love my blog and really enjoy my readership. I have some of my most valued readers as online friends and you still keep up with me via Facebook and that’s so awesome! But much as I miss being here, I’ve been enjoying life away from my desk.

Every blogger takes breaks. I take more of them than I wish I needed to, but after everything with buying the house, painting, moving into the house and acquiring the bigger pieces of furniture we need in order to make our new house livable… I just wanted to sit back and actually enjoy it for a while. We’ve been so go-go-go since August of last year and it’s been nice to just start to settle down. So while I miss you guys… #sorrynotsorry

I wanted to update you with all sorts of things but as I wrote everything out, it sounded like I was just droning on about normal, everyday things that maybe seem of such little consequence to every other adult in the world. So I’m going to simply sum it up by saying this:

We are so truly blessed.

It’s been a roller coaster of emotions getting to this point in life for both Jeremy and myself. The fact that I can wake up every morning in my new, beautiful bedroom surrounded by Jeremy’s horrible snoring and playing physical Tetris with him and 3 grown cats in our bed has been the highlight of my life. I’m so glad that he ended up with so much free time away from work while things have been slow (thank goodness for salary) and that since we moved into our home 1 month ago (I know, right!? We only actually officially moved in a month ago!) Jeremy and I have been together nearly every day, getting to enjoy what we both worked so hard to make happen – hence why I have been away so much.

Unfortunately, Jeremy is back to work now as things are getting busy again with his job. He’s back to traveling to Atlanta on Monday mornings and coming back home Friday evenings. It’s hard. So hard. The first week wasn’t terribly bad – sometimes time away from your partner lets you breathe a bit and it’s easy to find enjoyment in the alone time. But this week? I’m struggling with it. I cried a lot yesterday – more than I care to admit. It sounds stupid and childish… but I spend my week feeling like part of me is missing. It’s like we just ended some month long honeymoon and now it’s back to the world of adulting. In the words of Smeagol… We hates it!

Lucky for you, dear reader… It means I’m slowly making my way back. I can’t say that I will have a blogging schedule like before – not until I feel comfortable making promises of regular posting again. But I am back!

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Con Couture: More Than Just Wearables for the Geeky

I already have had the privilege of getting to know Laura, just one half of the dynamic duo power couple behind Con Couture – the online store (and awesome convention booth) for geeks and gamers. Con Couture has been a sponsor around these parts for a while now and I’ve been really enjoying the array of products they offer on their website so naturally, I wanted to know more! Laura and Jon (that aforementioned dynamic duo) took some time out to help me get to know them better and I’m passing along the incredible interview they gave, onto you!

ConCouture Laura and Jon

So tell me a bit about you – How did you meet, how long have you been married, etc?

Jon and I met through one of his best friends who just happened to also be my cousin. I think that we were probably in the same family/friend circle for 20+ years but we just never crossed paths. Life is funny like that. In our own way, I think we met at the perfect time for us to actually become what we are. We had officially met a few weeks prior and also been out with the same group of friends, cousins, etc. but I was dating someone else.

My cousin’s girlfriend had told me that he had a crush on me and then things didn’t work out with that other guy. So when he came to my Aunt’s house for a family party a few weeks later, we sat down and started talking. I mean, really talking… like for hours. I remember probably 3 or 4 different people coming up to the door at different points in the night to tell one of us something and then were like, ok never mind. Hahaha. I guess you could say we hit it off and we started dating. It was perfect! I can’t speak for him, but Jon was the BEST boyfriend that I ever had and we had so much fun while we were dating.

ConCouture Laura and Jon Cake
We dated for about 2 years and then purchased a home together. The night before move-in, we went out to dinner and Jon proposed! We spent over a year planning our wedding and of course got married on 7-11-15. We have been married for 10ish months and I love it!

Personal Interjection: I am like… ridiculous jealous. I mean, I think Jeremy and I are ridiculous cute… but these two make me absolutely SQUEE. They are so cute, it hurts. OMG.

ConCouture Laura and Jon Wedding

What inspired you to start Con Couture?

In 2012 Jon took me to my first comic-con ever: MegaCon in Orlando, Florida. Going to cons was very important to him since he has always been a huge gamer, comic book reader, lover of all things nerd, etc. We also attended each year after and in 2015 as we were walking through MegaCon and talking, something just hit me and I said, “We could do this and do a really great job of it.” And it instantly changed how we viewed the booths, vendors, and product.

Later that night, we went back to the hotel room and started brainstorming a logo, product, how to get a business license, website options, etc. I have a Marketing/Sales background and Jon has a Business/Finance background so we both tapped into our own skillsets to start making this happen. And that weekend is basically how Con Couture was born.


Is this your first business venture?

This is our 1st business venture together. We both had tried our hands at moderately successful Ebay businesses in the past, but this is the 1st venture of this type and as a couple. I’ve always wanted to have my own business with flexibility, the ability to work remotely, etc. When we first started, I felt like Jon would be the serious, business minded person and I would be the passionate creative, but as the business has unfolded, we are frequently on opposite sides of that equation. Jon is so passionate about our products and themes, and I am learning more about the business side everyday. I think we’ve managed to create a great balance between us, and we are definitely starting to acknowledge what our 2-person team lacks and hire out for projects when necessary.


What’s an average day look like for you as owners of a geeky business?

Hmmmm. Unpredictable. Fun. Stressful. And about 50 other adjectives. Haha. Jon still works full time for a Cyber Solutions company so while he is gone, I manage the day-to-day operations of our business. My day usually starts with emails, catching up on social media comments, and posting our company updates. I spend a lot of time working on product, either updating descriptions, researching new product, checking stock of said product, or most importantly packing orders! On some days, I write blog posts, our company newsletter, etc.

More recently, my days consist of pitching our company to bloggers and other entities so that we can get showcased as much as possible. When it’s time for conventions, the mode changes a bit and we have to pack everything and palletize the items for pickup which is something that Jon and I always do together. Many times, after he gets home, we have mini meetings where I show him market research, new opportunities we’ve landed, do inventory, or order new product which we like to discuss and do together also. I think people assume that because we sell something fun, that it’s a disorganized party and that is so far from the truth. We are constantly working on the business side of everything and it is the same work as if we sold a non-novelty item. I don’t even know how many hours a week we put into Con Couture, but this is no 9-5, especially when you’re the owners and every decision starts and stops with you.

Personal Interjection: Knowing how exhausting it is just running a blog, I totally have mad respect for Laura and Jon. This all sounds exhausting, but amazing!


How many conventions have you attended and what’s the best part?

Since we started in May 2015, we have attended 14 conventions and we’ve learned so much at every single one. Although they are a lot of work, attending the conventions as vendors is very fun and rewarding. I look forward to a weekend of meeting excited customers, seeing fans cosplay as their favorite characters, and of course the opportunity to represent our company and products.

ConCouture Laura and Jon at Con

If you could give only one piece of advice to first time Vendor Con-attendees, what would it be?

Find out exactly what your booth does/doesn’t include and map out your set up ahead of time. I would also say to bring as much product as you can because you don’t want to run out of stuff when you have customers just waiting to spend money at your booth.

ConCouture Booth

How do you choose what products to sell on your website?

We are actually very proud of the products we sell on our website. When we started Con Couture, we felt that women and more girly items were still very underrepresented at the conventions, even though the attendance landscape has changed so much over the last few years to include a great deal of women and entire families with young children, etc. So our goal is to not be exactly like our competitors.

We don’t want to be just another geek t-shirt store. Nothing against that, we just have a different vision and so the search for quality product that meets our expectations as well as the themes of the store is very time consuming. It’s something that we put a lot of effort into and we get so many compliments on what we bring to the conventions because it’s not the same old geek stuff. We look for girly, unique, striking items. And sometimes we even go with unconventional suppliers that aren’t even geek because we find something at a good price or that we just have to carry!

Personal Interjection: They cover a great array of fandoms and they have excellent prices. I feel like they supply the better items out there of higher quality. That’s what I love about their company.


Thank you Con Couture!

I had a wonderful time getting to know Jon and Laura better – especially reading about the behind the scenes of working in the convention world. I hope you all have a new found sense of respect for the vendors behind booths at conventions now… because I sure do!

You can check out Con Couture online and follow them across social media at the following links:

Shop Con Couture | Follow on Twitter | Like on Facebook

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To The Love of My Life… May the 4th Be With Us

When I agreed to go out with you on a date after a particularly rough and long day of work, I had no idea that I was choosing to accept the first day of the rest of my life. I was clueless to the fact that you’d someday be my everything and that what I thought was some casual first date would turn into anything – much less an incredible life with you.

Jeremy and Oliver
It’s so cheesy… but, I didn’t believe in fate until I met you. I’d often joked about the universe working in some mysterious ways perhaps, but never really believed it until discovering a year into our relationship that we’d somehow managed to chat online a year prior to us officially meeting and had decidedly skipped over one another (fine, I’ll be fair – I totally skipped over you haha).

We found each other again despite the odds. Fate brought you to me. It let us live out the lives we needed to experience and the relationships we needed to endure so that we could meet again at the most perfect time and really appreciate each other. I truly believe that the people we were 3 years ago weren’t ready for the life and commitment we now share.

You turned my world. I was making it on my own. I was working hard… too hard really and barely making it. But I was getting there. Next thing I knew, I was leaving a toothbrush on your sink and waking up to you every day (and every night… because your snoring really sucks). You watched me struggle and you let me do my thing. I was proud and working was very important to me. But you gave me the greatest gift by taking my hand and letting me lean on you just enough to take the edge off. You gave me confidence in myself and made me feel safe. I knew I couldn’t possibly fail anymore so long as I had you. And I haven’t failed since.

You loved me enough to accept my flaws, my not so pristine past, and my unsure future. If there weren’t dozens of other reasons to love you, those would be enough. There are so many moments where I can’t help but stop to look at you and be in awe of how much you love me. It makes the weeks fly by when we’re together and days feel like eternity when we’re apart.

I can’t believe we’re celebrating our 2nd anniversary – mostly because in the best of ways, it feels like we’ve been together for so much longer. People are always surprised to know that we’ve only been together for a couple of years – especially considering the amount of hardcore adulting we’ve accomplished together. But I think that’s what makes us so special. We’re so in sync with one another… it makes living life so much easier.

Jeremy and Kimi Patio
Thank you for being my rock and absolute constant. I’m looking forward to many more years of our childish antics, touching each other’s butts, yelling ridiculous obscenities across the house, hopefully not putting anymore holes in walls from running around being silly, and most importantly – falling more in love every day.

I love you squishie <3 May the 4th be with us always.

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